Lies Beijerinck

Lies Beijerinck - didgeridoo, percussion, sounds

Lies Beijerinck, a.k.a. ‘Didge-mother of Holland’, has played the didgeridoo since 1993. Although classically trained in harp and cello, Lies developed her own style busking on the streets, and was soon discovered by the Amsterdam dance scene, subsequently playing with DJ Tiësto in front of 25,000 people. Lies is known for her powerful percussive style and clear harmonics, and is one of the finest exponents of the didgeridoo in the world. ... read more

Freek Zwanenberg

Freek Zwanenberg - grand piano

Freek Zwanenberg (1980 ) improvises on the piano and in everyday life. He shares his love for improvisation as art and philosopy of live with the world through his live performances, improv presents, improv workshops and flow sessions. Freek is known for his beautiful nuanced and adventures playing and for his ability to master and express himself in many musical styles! ... read more

Onno Kramer

Onno Kramer - flamenco guitar, percussion

Onno plays flamenco guitar and various percussion instruments. He is known for his beautiful versatile, sensitive, detailed tight rhythmic and creative playing. Onno is a super musical technician and all-rounder! Onno has a passion for flamenco singing coaching and creating new music with each other. ... read more

Leona Leppers

Leona Leppers - harp

Leona plays harp since 2009. She is known for her beautiful rich and pure harp play, from tranquil meditative to very expressive, powerful and fiery, all with a beauty to become silent of! Leona came to visit the Monastery Lioba in Egmond in 2009. In the chapel was a beautiful blooming blossom tree, but her attention was drawn to the huge harp that was there too. When she touched the strings she experienced the beauty of the sound. ... read more

Boudine van Slobbe

Boudine van Slobbe - percussion

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Terence Samson

Terence Samson - percussion

Terence plays all kinds of percussion and instruments like Daf, Pandero, Congas, Tabla, Bansuri, Hang. He is known for his warm, wonderful tight rhythmically nuanced and intuitive playing! Terence is an expert in Brazilian percussion. Terence was part of the famous didgeridoo band ple '3-D 'with oa.s Lies Beijerinck and toured the world with it. ... read more

Andre Schoorlemmer

Andre Schoorlemmer - electric guitar, mandolin

Andre Schoorlemmer plays guitar, accordion, mandolin, harmonica and composes music. Andre has a professional background in pop music and played many years in a variety of Flamenco Fusion projects. He is known for his ability to create brilliantly exciting musical layers and second voices on the flow. Andre has a rich repertoire of musical styles at his disposal. ... read more

Dymphi Adriaanse

Dymphi Peeters - voice, flute, N'goni

Dymphi sings, plays flute, N'goni and kora (African harp). It is Dymphi's passion for people to experience the power and beauty of intuitive music! She has her musical roots in the folk and world music. Her strength lies in the intuitive music-making. She is known for her warm, strong and clear voice and her ability to sing in many sound colours. She sings in an intuitive sound language, Gibberish. She has big contrast in her, from classical to primal, Fado to African to raw and folk and very tender. She touches you with her voice, time after time! ... read more