Experiences of the audience

Wonderful... touching and harmonious. - Gilberte

Beautiful, special, unique, loving. - Liesbeth

Swans, free air .... Beauty, Comfort, Courageous, Inspiring. - Carmenkata

Your music is like an arm around you.

I felt dizzy in a pleasant way!

It was breathtaking! - Alexander

"Emotion. Energy in Motion. Joy. Gratefulness. Love. So So Beautiful. So much Love. Like a foreign language that I suddenly totally grasp and deeply understand, fleeting, being created and disappearing, in the same time, under my own eyes. The feeling that I suddenly have arrived. Awe that I am alive and am here - and the enormous feeling that - other than life feels every moment, other than forgetfulness, other than not being aware - that I am Here. Now. I see History of Beauty being made. In my ears, as the Listener, in my eyes, as the One who Sees. I am actively participating, I am creating This. And that is also the truth for everybody that shares this sacred space with us right now. I am not making the music and still I am, just because I am here. My body does not move but in my heart I fly, I dance, I am ecstasy energy swirling, I am in the same time singing and playing the piano, I am the piano.I am the guitar. I am the Sound. And I am in the same moment outside, in the sun, between the clouds and in the grass under a tree and falling into the deep blue sky. Don't want it to end. Ever. I want to live my whole life like this, totally connected and here. Today. Here. Connected. (in awe, at the Dream Concert, May 18th, 2014)" - Ioana Voiculescu

I attended the most amazing concert of times this afternoon in Barthkapel The Hague. Within 10 minutes tears shedded that came from the depths of my being and I was not the only one who was touched by this highly creative, spirited field ... Nine great musicians who played on my favorite instruments: including piano, didgeridoo, harp and cello, vocals ... Ideally suited to flow together in great harmony, completely intuitive in the moment. The whole atmosphere was to be yourself and choose from moment to moment to sit, lie or dancing what I therefore all did ... And it all came by in this concert : from classical to primal, jabber singing, very - tender to raw and folk ... A treat for my soul, these two hours. And the good news is that this is a monthly recurring festival. Thank you Universe ♥ - Serena

Publiek september 2014

Dear musicians, we experienced the concert as gorgeous, beautiful, moving and liberating. Enjoyed the whole time! Thank you! and see you next time! Love - Lysanne & Janny

Super fine. Thanks x - Rein

I came here very tired, but now I feel like I’m bursting with energy! Grateful for this experience! - Kitty

I 'm fully recharged by this inspiring music. Enjoyed greatly - Gerry

Thank you it has touched me very deeply and I enjoyed intensely! You come very close to yourself. Love - Yvonne

Dear musicians, thank you for this wonderful afternoons. You take us so deeply within ourselves while we are so free and light connected. Love - Patty

Dear all, We have had another wonderful afternoon thanks to your talent, enthusiasm and commitment. Improvising is always a mystery to us, how did you manage that as well! Many thanks for a fine music event, a meeting that we will not forget. Greetings - Rob and Clair

Enjoyed! Amazing how you find each other, let go, lose, hit, dance, connect ... Soundbath :-) Next time again x Love - Karo

Touched and massaged in every fiber of my body. Thank you! Love - Marijke

It has really stirred me this time! - Ton

Great concert! - Ria

Beautiful atmosphere. Beautiful music. - Robertjan

Thank you, it was delicious! - Julia

Thanks to this lovely group of musicians for the fine sound bath ... bath tubbed wonderfully in it. Beautiful how such a large group of people without preparation come together in unity ... - Jolanda

I enjoyed it very mutch ... thanks ... to the next meeting - Anne

I was filled with love, connection and beauty. When I came I was tired and when I left I felt happy. Enjoying the beautiful eight musicians with their plethora of instruments and talents, I gave myself to my own needs, in the moment. A nice exercise for me. Thank you Dymphi Adriaanse, Roger Spees, Hans Karssen and all others for this healing environment! - Judith

I was at the concert. I felt privileged, because the sounds and the images were so beautiful. The outside world no longer existed and I felt safe and at home. Extremely special and moving I still found the time , that three women sang together. Those were the most beautiful sounds I have ever heard . But actually the whole concert was a series of unique and delectable sound experiences. But as with all fine and ecstatic moments, the event turned over again before I could stop there! Therefore hope that soon I can buy a CD and / or DVD of the concert so I can relive. Further I hope in the future many similar concerts. - Geert

The music-making let the sun shine inside. Literally and figuratively. Very special. Until the next concert! - Petra

Was a nice evening ! The combination of music, dance meditation provides a lot of freedom to feel what is there and immediately provides freedom to express yourself. Perfect combination! - Rick

The concert was sublime. I hope they continue to do this and that you 're going through it next time ... 8 musicians who have never played together before. Professionals who are one with their instrument and feel each other, give space and strengthen. In this music to dance, is a gift that I think back with gratitude. I wonder if I ever danced as fine as yesterday .... Thanks Dymphi & Co - Mathilda

It was beautiful, very special. I felt immersed in a warm bath of sound. Thank you very much, dear musicians - Marieke

Dream Concert was very nice. Enough time and space to be quiet to come in, nice to see how the children could move freely and then let happen what comes, relaxation, rest, movement, sound, dance. And do not forget alternately very subtle music to full swinging rhythms. Thanks for this wonderful afternoon! - Laurens